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Men's Issues

Men's Issues

Men's issues include a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, but men have areas that they are more likely to struggle with, such as: Anger, Sexual Addiction (pornography), and Intimacy.

Men have an important role and carry much responsibility when it comes to their marriage and family.  The roles in today's society have changed and men play a larger role in raising children and maintaining the household. The additional responsibilities and a busy life style can take a toll on marriages and families.   They can create added stress and strain relationships.

Men who are struggling with life issues such as anger, depression, sexual difficult, marriage or relationship issues are less likely to seek counseling compared to women.   They are more likely to try to deal with their issues on their own or ignore them. 

If you are struggling with life's issues maybe it is time to seek some help. I am a counselor in Cumming, Georgia, that brings a practical and compassionate approach.