Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

Freedom from the past.

If we are living our life chained to the past how can one ever expect to move forward? I believe the past is important and certainly has an influence on who we are today, but it does not have to be the dominate influence directing our future.

Freedom to Change Your Path.

Many times the skills we used as children to navigate the difficult circumstances and challenging relationships that we faced are the same skills we use to navigate life as an adult. These skills may have been effective as children, but they don’t work so well in our adult relationships. By identifying ineffective or destructive coping skills and replacing them with effective life and relational skills we can change the destructive direction of our current and future relationships.

Freedom From Destructive Relational Patterns.

Why do I keep finding myself in the same type of dysfunctional relationships? Many times we choose our friends and partners for the wrong reasons. We choose out of relationship familiarity. We choose what we know. Relationship familiarity can be the fuel that keeps the destructive relational patterns intact. Helping you identify destructive relational patterns can be the first step to bringing those patterns to an end.